A Moment with Griffin Mills: Freshest Face of the Freshman Class

That is Griffin Mills, your hard-working, burrito-loving, open-eared Class President.

By: Evan Myers, Staff Writer

     It seems as though Griffin Mills has taken another step forward in his lifelong journey for leadership. As Furman’s newest class president, it comes naturally for him. “All of my leadership positions made me who I am,” Mills said.

     At Sayville, a small high school in Long Island, New York, Mills served as Class President for three years. He enjoys being outdoors and loves the Greenville area. For Mills, deciding to come to Furman was easy. Furman, like Sayville, is a “tight knit community,” he explained.

     Predictably, Mills would run for freshman class president. He served in high school and now he continues to serve in college. But before branding him as a classic, stereotypical Class President—friendly, popular, mature and experienced—get to know Mills. He is quirky. He has traveled to Australia, done community service in Costa Rica, listens to Pitbull and last week he ate his first burrito. He has eaten six burritos since. Most importantly, Mills’ approach to leadership makes him unique.

     His motivation to lead does not stem from a desire to build his resume, guard his reputation or gain influence. Rather, Mills enjoys the role because he gets to know and represent his classmates. “As President, I interpreted my duties as representing the (freshmen) class´ values and doing what people want me to do,” Griffin said.

     At heart, Mills identifies as a public servant. He wants everyone’s voice to be heard, and he has already made an impact.

     Mills and his “stacked” team of freshmen officers are bringing Apple TV to Earl Hall and putting lighting up around the dumpsters outside Blackwell. In the future, they plan to continue to listen to the freshmen class and “get things done,” Griffin said.

     Monday, Nov. 13th, Mills hosted a public forum to gauge people’s wants and needs, a proactive measure for SGA (Student Government Association).

     “From the moment he was elected, Griffin has been brainstorming ideas to improve Furman, especially with South Housing,” Freshman Class Secretary Anna Ford Pittard commented.  

To Griffin, SGA’s main purpose is to “orchestrate student life.” He hopes to continue to serves as Class President in the coming year and he intends to continue to “work for the students and make Furman the best school.”

Griffin Mills is the face of the freshman class. His go-getter attitude and natural leader spirit puts him on the radar for positive change at Furman. Mills is more than meets the eye. His youthful energy may be a breath of fresh air for politics at Furman. Photo courtesy of Conor Danahy.

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