Upcoming Student App to Compete with OrgSync

This might be the end of misinformation

By: Olivia Walters, News Editor

Max Mehlbaum ’20 thinks he has the next big thing to kill OrgSync for good. To make up for the Internet app’s misinformation and cluttered design, Mehlbaum is developing a mobile app called Plug to change the way social events are advertised at Furman.

In the next few weeks, Mehlbaum plans to finally launch Plug after one year in the production phase. He hopes users will “find out what their friends are doing as well as awesome events that are happening around them” more easily.

Many student organizations use OrgSync to communicate with members and organize events. The Office of Student Involvement and Inclusion also sends out weekly emails listing “ways to get syncDIN.” Mehlbaum still feels it is not enough.

Flyers, Facebook events and group chats require students to shuffle through disjointed information while looking for events. On the other hand, when Plug is released, the app will be a one-stop shop and interactive social planner, says Mehlbaum.

“College kids are lazy and want to do as little as possible when it comes to using software,” Mehlbaum adds.

At this time Mehlbaum is seeking talented developers to finalize Plug’s design. Interested students should email him.

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