Vault & Vator, New Speak Easy in Greenville

By: Gigi Nally, Diversions Editor

     Sit back, grab a cocktail and turn off your cell phone. In April, downtown Greenville welcomed its first 1920’s inspired speakeasy, Vault & Vator, to South Main Street.  Owners of the local restaurant American Grocery, Joe and Darlene Clarke, established this “pre-prohibition paradise” to bring a new and exciting concept to the area.

     Once customers find Vault & Vator’s concealed entrance and step through their front doors, they will enter the Golden Age of Cocktails.  Vault & Vator is furnished with cozy Parisian decor, serves themed cocktails, and plays smooth jazz.  The speakeasy allows for a maximum of 45 customers and for good reason.  Vault & Vator allows parties of six or less in order to create an intimate space where customers can truly enjoy each other’s company.  Vault & Vator is unlike a typical bar in that parties will not have to yell over loud music or noisy customers.  This speakeasy is a place for small gatherings, close friends, and one-of-a-kind cocktails.

     Furman students — age 21 and older, of course — will likely enjoy this new (yet outdated) form of socialization.  The speakeasy strictly enforces a policy of no cellphones.  Although this rule may seem intimidating, it allows parties to be fully present.  In fact, customers have found this policy allows for deeper, more intimate conversations to bloom.  

     And one cannot forget about their customized booze.  Vault & Vator’s cocktail menu is seasonal and spunky, with homemade bitters and libations.  At Vault & Vator, it’s not just about the drinks — it’s about the sensation as a whole. Vault & Vator is a subdued yet sophisticated space, where each visit is an exclusive experience untainted by electronics and rowdy drunkards.

     If you would like to step out of your comfort zone and into the roaring ‘20s, check out Vault & Vator.  They are open Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm until Close.  And if your interest has been peaked, but you are not quite ready to take the leap, check out their menu, events, and accolades on their website at http://vaultandvator.com


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