Changes Coming to the Library

By Olivia Walters, Staff Writer

The end of the Spring 2017 term signals many changes as management at Bon Appétit has decided to remove Einstein’s as one of the dining options. Beginning next semester, a renovated café model is opening in the front section of the 24 hour room in the library, with hours yet to be determined.

Throughout this year, Bon Appétit and other library officials have been meeting to discuss the project. Among these is Sara DeSantis, ‘17, who brings a student perspective to the concept committee and is assisting with furniture design. DeSantis says that the library café will undoubtedly be a success.

Certain students and library staff expressed concern that the 24 hour room is being downsized to four computers and two study tables. The group rooms are to be eliminated to expand the café space. Library student employee Chelsea Joseph, ‘18, argued that some Furman students have late night study habits, which are not always accommodated for in the dorms or apartments.

Meanwhile, what is not set to change is the availability of the multi-functional printer and the vending machines. Dr. Janis Bandelin, the director of Libraries, resolved the controversy: the 24 hour room is effectively not closing.

“Change is hard,” Bandelin admitted. However, when the café opens she anticipates it being crowded by the Furman community, and as a byproduct, it may serve as “an attraction for prospective students.”

When asked if Dr. Bandelin had a resolution to the 24 hour room becoming overcrowded, she explained that the upper-level of the dining hall, the old Einstein’s location, will be open to students at all hours of the night next fall.

Another change to come into effect with the forthcoming café is a collaboration with three new local vendors. The still unnamed café will be a grab-and-go format featuring products from Due South Coffee, Upcountry Provisions and Greenfield’s Bagels and Deli.

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