Bex Juice Bar and Café

By Catherine McLaughlin, Contributor

Growing up, the Simon family had a running joke that one of their daughters would one day open a store. Becky Simon had never taken this idea seriously until stepping into a juice bar on a family trip to the Cayman Islands. Knowing that fresh fruit and vegetable juices have numerous health benefits and are refreshing and delicious, Simon knew she had stumbled upon a new business venture.

In October  2015, Simon opened Bex Juice Bar and Café. Located in downtown Greenville, Bex provides a bright and lively eatery that fuses the concept of a juice bar with coffeehouse and café atmospheres. The juice bar and café serves a variety of hearty and healthy beverages and meals. Ranging from juices, smoothies and coffee to baked goods, breakfast items, salads and sandwiches, Bex offers items for any point in the day.

Bex is rooted in the mission of providing healthy food and beverage options accessible to everyone. The juice bar and café sources all of its ingredients as locally and organically as possible. Whether customers are looking for a quick cup of coffee, a vitalizing breakfast smoothie or a filling lunch, Bex remains committed to its customers. Sensitive to those with dietary restrictions, the eatery also offers gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

The juice bar and café regularly serves 10 juices and nine smoothies, each made to order and fully customizable. With ingredients coming from as many local vendors as possible, juices can be tailored by what is fresh and in season. Each juice carries its own unique health benefits, ranging from creations such as “Divine Detox” to “Glowing Garden” and pre-workout “Whimsical Leaves.” Similarly, Bex’s smoothies such as “The Bare Banana,” “Impractical Nut” and “Gypsy Green” all boast many health benefits and may be customized with a choice between skim, whole, almond or coconut milk, as well as between whey or vegan protein, and a choice of organic raw maca, cacao or dates. Customers also have the liberty to create juices and smoothies of their own.

For those looking for warmer beverages, Bex offers freshly brewed coffees and lattes. And for customers in search of a satisfying and healthy meal, the eatery serves breakfast sandwiches, chia pudding and oatmeal topped with seasonal fruit, organic and seasonal salads, and hearty sandwiches.

Bex offers an inviting and relaxing atmosphere that compliments its fresh food and sleek décor. The juice bar and café has a small staff that craft each beverage and meal, adding to the warm and friendly eating experience. Simon achieves her goal of building community and better serving her customers through a small, personable staff.

Currently located in Greenville’s West End, a downtown area that is rapidly expanding, Simon hopes that Bex will become a destination for the city’s residents and visitors to stop and enjoy a coffee, juice, smoothie or bite to eat.

Bex Juice Bar and Café is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information and a menu of its delicious juices, smoothies, coffees and meals, check out its website: bex.cafe.com

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