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Opinions Section Not as Fun When There’s Only One Perspective

By Marian Baker, Opinions Editor

Faithful readers of The Paladin may have noticed something peculiar — or maybe sinister, depending on your perspective — about the Opinions section lately: a dearth of conservative or right-leaning opinions pieces.

In fact, the Opinions section has been so liberal-leaning this year that I think my dad might even stop reading it. He has already lodged several complaints railing against my work in this section and the “proliferation of liberal media.”

First, I would like to state that this has not at all been intentional. In fact, when I began my tenure as the Opinions editor, my first idea was to add a new feature to the section in which two writers on opposite sides of the aisle would face off on the same issue. However, as I have not been able to find a conservative writer who wants to write for The Paladin on a regular basis, this idea has never been realized.

While there have been several pieces this year featuring a conservative perspective, I would not venture to say that there have been enough to achieve any semblance of balance in this section, let alone enough to represent the political leanings of Furman’s student body. I know that there are more conservatives on this campus than one would think from reading the Opinions section; the problem is that none are writing for The Paladin.

As for the reason as to why no conservative writers are interested in writing for The Paladin, I cannot venture to say. (If the reason is that the editor is clearly liberal, I promise I do not bite.) All I can say is that the section is a lot less fun without a range of perspectives; in some sense this section has become an echo chamber, the last thing we need in the current media market.

If you are an opinionated conservative with enough fingers to type and the ability to meet a deadline, please reach out to me at marian.baker@furman.edu or come to one of our meetings, which take place every Monday at 5:45 in the Student Media Suite behind Burgiss Theater. We would love to add your voice to The Paladin!

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