Fitness Under The Stars

By Catherine McLaughlin, Contributor

Promoting Healthy Options through Knowledge, Understanding and Service or PHOKUS, Furman’s student health organization, concluded its Fitness Under the Stars series Wednesday, Sept. 28 with yoga and mindful meditation led by Dr. Liao, a biology professor at Furman. Similar to past Fitness Under the Stars events featuring kickboxing and Pilates, students were given the opportunity to take a break from their studies and engage in meaningful exercise and reflection.  

The night sky illuminated by the stars and a gentle, crisp breeze provided the perfect environment for students to relax and learn. Dr. Liao began the event with a number of breathing exercises to gather students in the moment and release all worries before delving into a number of stretches. Students practiced guided yoga focused on inward contemplation.

“It was such a great break from the day, and it was nice that it was at night,” said sophomore Abby Driest. “Even walking to the amphitheater gave me a moment to step away from the stress of the day and enjoy the beauty of Furman’s campus. I love yoga and meditation, so I really enjoyed this event.”

This event couldn’t have been a better way to take a break from my schoolwork for an hour. Sometimes we forget how beautiful of a school we go to and I’m glad to see groups like PHOKUS utilizing Furman’s scenic campus to present meaningful events for students. I hope to see more campus offerings like Fitness Under the Stars in the year to come.  

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