PalaDen Review: Is Grinders a Hit or a Miss?

By Catherine McLaughlin, Contributor

Gone are the days of Green Monstah energy bowls, Front Porch Swingin’ smoothies and other Southern Pressed Juicery creations.  This year, Furman welcomes Grinders Sandwiches to the PalaDen. Now students can enjoy fresh and filling made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, grinders and paninis. With a wide variety of meats, vegetables, cheeses, sauces and toppings, Grinders has already earned many accolades for its freshness, quality and generous portions.  

Though only a few short weeks into the Fall 2016 semester, Grinders has become a popular place for students to dine or stop-in between classes. At the counter, the friendly staff hand-craft each individual sandwich. Customers are given a choice of fresh breads and wraps to choose from before selecting their fillings. The meats and cheeses are generously piled onto the sandwiches, the vegetables and toppings are freshly prepared and sliced and the wide variety of sauces, ranging from chipotle aioli to honey mustard, are a delicious touch. To make things even better, both bacon and avocado are available. Sandwiches can be toasted or grilled, and each meal comes with a choice of house-made chips, pasta salad or potato salad.  

Not only is Grinders focused on personalization, but it also caters to the individual customer. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available for those with special diets.  For students short on time, to-go sandwiches, homemade pasta salad and potato salad are available for quick pick-up.

Fellow sophomore JK Lee shared his opinion about Grinders. “People sometimes complain it takes a while to wait,” he says, “but it’s definitely worth the wait.” He adds, “It’s really good. Hopefully they continue to expand the menu. A daily soup would be a great addition.”

The general consensus? Grinders is a win. Not only is its food fresh and filling, but it is also delicious. With each meal equaling a meal exchange, it is much more affordable than Southern Pressed Juicery. Many students like JK Lee are happy to have Grinders in the PalaDen and are excited to see how the sandwich shop continues to improve. What are your thoughts?

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