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How to De-Stress at Furman

By Amanda Egan, Contributor

College is a balancing act —finding time for homework, socializing, clubs, exercise, meals, perhaps a job and not to mention sleep can be difficult to master. As a freshman, I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to find my groove. The amazing thing about Furman is that there is so much to experience; whether it be exploring Greenville or attending one of the many events that take place on campus every day. One of my favorite parts about this crazy whirlwind that is starting my college journey, is meeting so many interesting and diverse people. It is clear that every student at Furman is extremely motivated and passionate about thriving here.  With that being said, the workload can be stressful. Everyone has different ways to unwind after a long day of working hard and I have yet to find my groove.  In an attempt to figure out my own favorite way to relax, I asked some students around campus what works for them. It was very insightful, to say the least. Here are some ways that students around campus blow off some steam:

“I watch movies in my dorm, I like the fact that I can yell at the screen and no one cares,” says Henry London

“I lay in my bed and listen to music. Also, since I’m a runner, taking an ice bath is really relaxing,” says Lindsay Graham

“I like going to fun clubs and organizations that relate to my interests,” said Megan Collins

“Running around the lake after dark always helps me calm down after a long day,” said Tristan De La Cruz

Everyone has different ways that they like to relax after a strenuous day of classes — and the great thing about Furman is that there’s so many options. Whether you just want to curl up in bed and binge-watch the latest Netflix craze (“Stranger Things” anyone?), find a Zen spot on campus, or explore the surrounding area, there are countless things to do. Personally, I love taking fitness classes at the PAC and finding cool restaurants and shops around town. Even doing homework isn’t so bad once you find a nice study spot; I love visiting local coffee shops to sit down and focus on my work. Ultimately, the key to balancing responsibilities comes down to attitude — once you find a routine that keeps you energetic and motivated, everything else will fall into place. Always make sure to check out the events going on around campus, and don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know, one experience could be the gateway to a new passion!

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