The Incredible Furman Farm and its Fresh Offerings!

By Gigi Nally, Staff Writer

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Adams, manager of the Blackwell Furman Farm.  The Farm is one-fourth acre and helps keep Furman a sustainable and healthy campus.  Not only does the Farm produce a variety of fresh vegetables, but Mr. Adams makes sure extra produce goes to the right places.  First, vegetables are brought to Bon Apetit, the Dining Hall’s supplier; this partnership gives students the opportunity to enjoy fresh and local food.  But we all know students are wasteful!  No worries — scraps from the Dining Hall are composted to fertilize plants on  Furman Farm.

Additionally, volunteers for the Furman Farm sell produce through CSA, the Community Supported Agriculture program.  A monthly membership to CSA is $32 for students and $60 for non-students.  Members will receive a bag of fresh produce weekly!  Common bags are filled with collards, sweet potatoes, beets, broccoli and much more.

Beginning in October, produce will also be sold at the Randy Blackwell Farm Stand, located next to the firman lake.  Finally, if there is any leftover produce (which there often is), they are donated to local families in need.

I had the pleasure to try some of the beautiful vegetables grown at the farm — and wow, they are delicious!  For anyone who wants to visit, Furman Farm is located beside  Furman Lake.  Their website is linked below: 


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