Composer for Television Show “Seinfeld” Performing and Lecturing at Furman

By Claudia Leslie, Contributor

Wolff Furman Print Flyer.jpg
Jonathan Wolff will share his experience with composing music for primetime television shows with students Fri., April 15. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Wolff

Johnathan Wolff, composer of more than 75 primetime television show scores, will be at Furman next week hosting a free, “just-for-fun” piano show, as well as a guest lecture for the music department.

Wolff is the composer for the likes of “Seinfeld,” “Will & Grace,” “Saved By The Bell” and “Married… With Children.”  After retiring and moving to Lexington, Ky., he began using his time to host public speaking events around the country. As a Hollywood insider, he gives his audiences a glimpse into the world of music as a career.

His show on Thurs., April 14 will be in Daniel Recital Hall at 7 p.m.  While playing piano, Wolff will tell stories of his life in retrospect as it was impacted by the music industry. Students may ask Jonathan questions during the Q and A portion following the performance. After speaking to Wolff, he seemed extremely eager to impart his wisdom upon Furman’s community.

“I think Furman is a lovely place, and am so excited that FUSAB and the music department asked me to be here,” Wolff said.  

His guest lecture will be this Fri., April 15 for members of Furman’s musical community.

Wolff’s advice for those who want to pursue a career in music sounds simple, with a little twist.

“Have a plan for success that is clear, practical, and flexible. Distinguish yourself from the rest,” Wolff said. “That in mind, come to my show and lecture!”

The composer will have more dense advice for students at his events this weekend – the need to knows, how to’s, do’s and don’ts, even making sure music aficionados do not end up selling car parts.


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