The New Furman Trolley

By Liza Veilleux, Contributor

The new trolley on campus whimsically transports students from North Village to the main campus and soon, it will become the downtown shuttle. But will students be as excited when it is decked out in purple and white with F’s all over? Photo courtesy of McKenna Luzynski

Everybody loves a free trolley ride, right? There is something about it that is just so enticingly quaint. It may be the vintage charm or the association with picturesque Main Street America, but something about it seems carefree.

This week SGA introduced Furman to that picturesque and carefree vintage charm with the reveal of its very own trolley. That is right—Furman got a trolley. If you saw it riding around campus or maybe you saw SGA’s post on Instagram, you may be wondering if this was really a good idea. The answer is yes. The new Furman trolley is an exciting addition to campus because on top of being charming and fun, it also promises convenience to students.

Was this really the best use of the student government’s money? A purchase like this is an investment for sure. However, it is one that, if put to full use, will be well worth it. It is important for students, especially those without cars, to be able to get to Walmart and downtown conveniently. As of right now many students are unaware that a transportation option exist, especially new students on campus, who are generally the ones who need it the most.

This rolley will be an approachable and fun answer to safe transportation for the whole student body.The trolley schedule and stops are “to be determined” at this point, so now is the time to voice your opinion! As of right now there are plans for it to run in the morning and nights on the weekends. Additionally, there is talk that the trolley will be able to be used by student organizations for events.

Use your imagination! Think about the ways that this trolley could really add something to our campus community and student life. This could be an awesome resource for students if we all take full advantage of it.

Also, rumor has it that the trolley will be undergoing a transformation. The trolley is to be decked out in purple and white. There will be no doubt in the minds of anyone passing by that this is Furman’s trolley. Think about all that free promotion for the university. Any press is good press, right? If this trolley will be heading downtown every weekend this could also be a way for Furman to make an even greater mark on vibrant downtown.

This is really something to look forward to. So besides the fact that it will have room for more students and represent for Furman, it is also just plain fun.



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