Hipster Friendly with a Touch of Greenville: Village Grind


By Madeline Bauer, Contributor

Village Grind offers the traditional coffee-shop atmosphere with a modern hipster twist. Photo courtesy of Madeline Bauer

Village Grind is a pint-sized coffee shop in West Greenville, surrounded by art galleries and historic buildings. The vibe is, for lack of a better phrase, “hipster-friendly,” with industrial furniture, large bright windows, string lights and an adorable hand-lettered menu.

I decided to meet a friend there on my day off and was greeted by friendly and helpful baristas.  My delicious lavender mocha came piping hot in a pretty silver mug, complete with snowman latte art. Village Grind offers a full menu of standard and specialty espresso drinks, but I chose the lavender mocha because it is their signature drink. Neither the lavender or the chocolate flavor was overwhelming, and I could clearly taste the high quality espresso. Instead of using pre-made syrups, they make their own and pair them with locally roasted coffee. I went on an empty stomach, so I was very happy to see that they also offer a variety of Circa doughnuts alongside pastries from Swamp Rabbit Café, both wonderful local businesses.

In terms of the all-important proximity to Furman, Village Grind is definitely not the closest coffee shop to campus. But if you need a calm, quiet place with great coffee and snacks for a date, a study spot or maybe just an afternoon pick-me-up (and if you maybe also like to have free Wi-Fi), it should be at the top of your list.






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