FUSAB Reaches Decision on Spring Concert Performer

By Morgan Fretwell, Staff Writer

Waka Flocka Flame performed Sept. 29, 2015 at Timmons Arena during FUSAB’s fall concert. FUSAB has not officially named the spring 2016 performer, but has finalized its choice. Photo courtesy of Furman University Student Activities Board.


Say goodbye to Waka and hello to the spring artist scheduled to perform in just two short months April 5th. Campus will soon be filled with posters, ticket sales and buzz about the highly anticipated performer, currently remaining unnamed by FUSAB.

Greyson Holle, a junior from Denver Colo, is the current concert committee chair for the Furman University Student Activities Board (FUSAB).

“We begin the spring concert decision process about a week after our fall concert. First, we look at genre,” Holle said. “Then, once we figure out a genre, we look for any trending artists. Obviously, we do not have the budget of a big state school, so artists like Beyoncé and Adele are out of the question.”

Though the budget is not boundless, it has not stopped FUSAB from bringing in some big name artists like Ed Sheeran and Bo Burnham. Holle says students can also play a major role in the final selection.

“Once we narrow down our list, we will ask around and ask if anyone has seen any of the acts in concert. There are plenty of great artists that do not put on a good concert, so we want to make sure we can give the Furman students a great experience,” Holle said. “I know last year, we had an extensive set of surveys that we had around campus in determining what genre we wanted for the concert that eventually became Sam Hunt.”

Each time they book an artist, the FUSAB concert committee goes through a booking agent using a multistep process.

“We form contracts in conjunction with the agency. They are sent to the artists’ agents, and then they send them back. We agree on a set of terms, and then finalize the contracts,” Holle said.

The spring concert is of the most highly awaited annual events at Furman since the 90’s, when FUSAB brought Blue Öyster Cult. This year’s concert is no exception.

“This year’s concert will be full of…energy. They have performed in many concerts throughout the past year, and I have heard nothing but great feedback,” Holle said.

Rob Dendy, freshman concert committee member, says he also cannot wait for this show.

“We are all very excited to bring this performance to Furman. The vibe is going to be electric,” Dendy said.




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