Greek Recruitment: Is It Worth It?

By Mackenzie Curtis, Contributor

Photo courtesy of Furman Delta Gamma


These past two weekends at Furman have been quite different than usual as Greek recruitment overtook campus. Many freshmen and even some upperclassmen have been wondering what this whole “Greek” thing is all about.

Do I need to wear Lilly Pulitzer and monogram everything to be a sorority girl? Do I need to join a fraternity to be allowed into parties? Will I get hazed? Do I really need to pay money to have friends here?  Is there any way to have fun without going Greek at Furman?

These are a few of the questions that students tend to ask themselves prior to the recruitment process. I know that there are mixed feelings about Greek recruitment on campus; however, I believe everyone should participate in Greek recruitment.While it can be stressful at times, nothing but good can come out of it.

My favorite part of recruitment at Furman is that it is delayed. This gives everyone time to establish friends on their own before becoming Greek. I loved making my own friends during my first semester, then making even more friends through becoming a sister of Delta Gamma. The bonds I have made are indescribable, and I am so happy to have sisters and other friends I met prior to recruitment. There is nothing to lose in recruitment because if you do not have a positive experience, you will always still have other friends. Recruitment can only help you make more friends, not just through pledging, but also through “Pi Chi” groups for women and the service day for men.

I am not going to lie — leaving home was hard for me and I still miss my family.  However, I know that I have a home not only at Furman and in Delta Gamma but also in my family within DG.  I have never felt more supported and unconditionally loved at Furman than by my big, Annie, and my grandbig, Kate. If I had not gone through recruitment, I would not have been as close with these special people. I can not wait to get a little, spoil her and make her feel the same way my family makes me feel everyday.  My sorority family is by far my favorite part of being a member of a sorority.

After recruitment is over, most people end up finding the perfect home for them. I have never seen so many tears of joy. It is the only day on campus besides Halloween where we can wear silly outfits, take goofy pictures, run down the mall and get 100 new Facebook friends in a day. All in all, bid day makes recruitment worth it.

I know recruitment can be annoying. Waking up early and being required to wear certain outfits everyday is not really my idea of fun.  However, before you decide recruitment is not for you, think about the amazing people you can meet and the good that can come out of it!




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