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Double Three-Day Weekend

By Hayley Schulze, Staff Writer

Double Three Day Weekend.jpg
Photo courtesy of Hayley Schulze

After consulting Yik Yak for the latest weather updates, I had a strong feeling that it might be a good idea to stock up on some snow day necessities—soup and hot chocolate; basically anything warm. I quickly rushed to our conveniently located grocery store, Publix, to beat the frigid air, only to be greeted by a swarm of anxious people.

Grabbing one of the plastic, kelly-green handbaskets, I attempted to weave in and out of the sea of Southerners, trying to snatch my few items in order to skip the chilly walk to the DH for the next few days. As I made my way through the aisles, I noticed a strange trend. Certain items, particularly bread, eggs and milk, were already purchased, leaving the shelves barren.

The South goes crazy over potential winter weather. If there is even a slim chance, these necessities go flying out the door faster than you could imagine. Southerners take winter storm possibilities very seriously, going to pre-apocalyptic measures in order to prepare.

Growing up in Texas, I knew that these potential snow days could lead to anticipation of hiding away from school for the next couple of days. Due to lack of snow and ice removing means, schools in the South can be closed for several days.

I was skeptical about snow in the forecast due to the unusually warm winter we have had, even Christmas Day hitting temperatures of 75°. Here in South Carolina, it is likely that you will hear about a potential snow day before you even check the weather. People can sense the potential for a winter storm and cancelled classes like bloodhounds.

Typically, Furman will not give the notice of cancelled classes until the morning of, allowing students to continue their studies and responsible, nightly routines. However, this January, students were delighted to receive the information the night before, allowing them to close their textbooks and turn off their next day alarms.

Although grateful for the opportunity to sleep in without pressing snooze, I still was not certain if we would see any snow or ice the next morning. One of the best parts about a snow day is opening your blinds the morning of and seeing the world coated in fresh snow. Much to the delight of Greenville residents, the morning of Fri., Jan. 22, the grounds were covered in beautiful snow and flurries continued to fall. It was an amazing treat to have the beautiful winter weather and unexpected 3-day weekend.

I remember hating growing up in the South, as we were lucky to see one pitiful snowfall a year. However, the older I get, the more grateful I become. I have learned from my Northern college friends that snow days are very rare due to the preparation they have for the weather. I have learned to enjoy and appreciate the minimal snowfall, because missing the days of class is well worth it.

I hope you all enjoyed your snow day, Furmanites. Here is to hoping for a February snowpocalypse as well.



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