Tidings of Mochas and Joy


By Hayley Schulze, Staff Writer


Tidings of Mochas and Joy.jpg
This common holiday beverage fully embodies Christmas in a cup. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Almost immediately after Halloween is over, Starbucks introduces its popular winter beverage, the peppermint mocha. The leafless trees and frigid weather create the ideal ambiance for the acclaimed soothing, mint chocolate coffee drink.

After trying Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte, known as the PSL, in the early fall and being severely disappointed, I approached this beloved Christmas beverage reluctantly.  I had not tried one since I was a child, sneaking sips of my mom’s lipstick stained cup when she was not looking. Though I was hoping to be impressed, I did not necessarily have the highest of expectations. Could this Christmas in a cup really measure up to the rave reviews of consumers? The cashier did not seem to be too surprised by my order. Although not as “basic” as the PSL, the peppermint mocha is still considered to be towards the top of the list of “basic drink” orders. I anxiously tugged at my scarf as I watched the barista pump the peppermint syrup into the classic crimson cup. Due to the recent temperature drop, I was ready to welcome the warm beverage.

When my name was finally called, I took hold of the red paper cup with great anticipation. I let it cool for a moment before taking a sip, only to be shocked by the result. The peppermint mocha was incredible.

This, dare I say, revolutionary combination of tastes truly embodied Christmas in a cup. It was familiar and satisfying, the warmed chocolate and cool mint working together in harmony. After the grotesque PSL, Starbucks gave me new hope that they could truly master the taste of the holidays.

The peppermint mocha is a trend that I recommend you do not miss. It is infinitely better than the PSL and measures up to the tastes of the holiday season.



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