Saba and Eguiguren, First Metropolitan Fellows

By Morgan Fretwell, Staff Writer

Sarah Saba and Martin Eguiguren were named the first-annual winners of Furman Metropolitan Fellowship (FMF), a fellowship established by Furman alumni in and around New York City to create a bridge for juniors to gain internship experience and guidance while spending a summer in the city.

The winners were announced in late November after a two-month application process.

The FMF board of directors selected two fellows because they both exhibited the excellence and character that the directors are striving to showcase with the new program. Saba and Eguiguren will receive a grant to live in New York City this summer in addition to an internship lined up through Furman alumni and their connections. Both the grant and internship develop the ultimate goal of the program—to strengthen the relationship between New York and Furman University.

Saba, a piano performance major on the pre-medical track, hopes to attend medical school after graduating from Furman and says the fellowship will help her immensely on that path.

“To say it is an honor to be a recipient of the fellowship is an understatement,” Saba said. “Specifically, I’m interested in clinical research at one of the larger hospital settings such as the healthcare system surrounding NYU Medical School in the city,” Saba said.

Long term goals for Saba include research opportunities focusing on immunology or neonatology.

“Additionally, I hope to gain a broader understanding of medical systems on a larger scale and an in-depth perspective on practical science application through clinical research,” Saba said. “NYC holds so much possibility, which attracted me to the fellowship in the first place, and I am so excited to see what possibilities continue to become reality this summer!”

Eguiguren has experience in banking and finance after interning for the largest bank in Ecuador last summer, and he is exciting to continue gaining experience with the fellowship. He will work with private equity firms, management consultants or startup accelerators this summer.

Eguiguren hopes living and working in New York City this summer will solidify his post graduation plans.

“I believe after this summer I will be more decisive about my future,” Eguiguren said. “Great ideas and great people are constantly emerging in the city. The best way to innovate is to be in that environment.”

Both Saba and Eguiguren are excited to start the fellowship and interested in helping future fellows find their way to NYC.

“Being one of the fellows is not just a summer commitment,” Eguiguren said. “I hope this process not only allows me to succeed in the city, but also gives me the tools to help other Furman students who want to be in New York.”




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