Fall for Fruit

By Laura Hayes, Diversions Editor

Photo courtesy of Laura Hayes
Photo courtesy of Laura Hayes

While September brings us back to tests, quizzes and responsibilities, it also brings us a fall favorite: apples. As thousands flock to apple orchards around the country, we have the convenience of having a variety of orchards in our own backyard, the most well known among Furman students being Sky Top Orchards in Zirconia, N.C.

Sky Top offers a wide selection of apples ranging from the typical Golden Delicious to the less well-known Mutsu. It is a short hike through the rows to get those the perfectly ripened spheres, but really it is all part of the experience.

Even if you are not an enthusiastic forager, Sky Top has an offering of prepicked apples for the same price as the ones off the tree. They are also famous for their apple cider and apple donuts. If you have not tried them yet, you are seriously missing out.

Regardless of if you find a sweet tooth or not at the orchard, you can always enjoy the fruits of your labor later on with this delicious recipe.

Delectable Apple Dip

¼ cup of brown sugar

¾ cup of white sugar

8 oz. of cream cheese

2 Tbsp. vanilla extract
Combine all the ingredients (with a hand mixer works best) and serve with fresh apples. Happy fall!

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