Trump: Making America Great Again?

By: Tyler Higgins, Contributor

In the most recent Quinnipiac University poll of probable American voters, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump widened his lead to 28 percent of the vote, more than doubling second place Republican candidate and former neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson’s 12 percent. However, look closer and you will see that nearly as many Republican voters vehemently oppose Trump, topping the “no way” list with 26 percent. In today’s polarized political climate, it means that four years of a Trump presidency would cripple the Republican Party and maybe even the country.

Since formally launching his campaign in June, Trump has quickly climbed up the polls and gained notoriety for his blunt and often offensive rhetoric. Since July 1, when Trump was polling at an average of 6 percent support, he has quickly amassed a large following to reach his current 23.5 percent polling average. Despite his many opponents, Trump’s lead has only widened, much to the chagrin and bewilderment of the GOP establishment.

 Donald Trump is making headway in the Republican race to the White House, yet many of his policies remain unknown.
Donald Trump is making headway in the Republican race to the White House, yet many of his policies remain unknown.

Throughout his hopeful presidential journey, Trump has demonstrated an unwavering conviction to offend and insult nearly every key voting demographic. Whether insulting Sen. John McCain’s military service, carrying on a lengthy feud with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, or vowing to “never eat Oreos again” after finding out that the cookies were made in Mexico, Trump has a knack for bombastic statements that alienate as many people as they persuade. With the GOP scrambling to make up ground with minority voting groups, Trump’s inflammatory statements trample all over the party’s efforts to be more inclusive. Should Trump manage to capture the party’s nomination, these key demographics might leave the party in pieces with little chance of returning.

Not only does a Trump presidency endanger the Republican Party, it threatens the country as a whole. Trump claims to be a skilled negotiator, which he very well may be in the boardroom, but thus far his appearances on the national scene have been more divisive than diplomatic. The current age of increasing global polarization calls for a president with the discretion to tactfully balance geopolitical conflicts with the complexities of governance at home. Trump, however, seems to lack that capability. Imagine him giving out the Supreme Leader of Iran’s personal cell phone number on national TV or informing the German Chancellor that she “had blood coming out of her wherever.” Trump’s antics may be great for publicity, but they fall short of the expected behavior for the chief diplomat of the United States, and they risk irreparably damaging the global image of our country.

Finally, the most compelling reason to oppose a Trump presidency can be found by simply clicking over to the Issues tab on his campaign website. There you’ll find…not much. Trump only spells out his stance on immigration reform. Although many GOP voters agree with his ideas about border security, Trump’s reported employment of undocumented workers to build his new Washington, D.C. hotel might undermine his authority on the issue. Aside from that, you will find no substance at all. His supporters thus far seem to have coalesced around Trump’s attitude rather than his ideas which seems unproductive for a party seeking to establish itself for future generations.

As 2016 approaches, be wary of the antics of Trump and other similar candidates. Regardless of your political affiliations, it is easy to be wooed by big promises and powerful rhetoric. Instead, strive to cut through the nonsense and look for strong policy and worthy substance. That is the only way that we will really make America great again.

Photo credit: Creative Commons 

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