Fifteen Things the Class of 2015 Should Do Before Graduating

By: Sidney Dills, Diversions Editor

To all the seniors out there, I am as ready as you are to finish our time at Furman. Let’s not go out as just the biggest class in Furman’s history. Let’s go out of Furman taking all that it can offer and enjoy our last few weeks here. I have compiled a few things that you should consider doing before leaving this fine institution. Perform the items on this list at your own risk. 

1. Eat a Moes’ stack

2. Go fountain hopping

3. Climb onto the rooftops of campus buildings

4. Sleep through your 2 p.m. class

5. Go into the top of the belltower

6. Throw someone in the lake on their birthday

7. Steal a golf cart and joyride around campus

8. Actually enjoy your last “free” dining hall meals

9. Hang out with your fellow majors

10. Take advantage of the “drunk bus” while we still can

11. Sample a few more restaurants in downtown Greenville

12. Attend a Furman sports event from start to finish (extra credit if you wear purple!)

13. Get to know your professors

14. Finish all your CLPs

15. Actually figure out what you are doing with your life

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