Bo Burnham Comes to Furman

By: Ben Longnecker, Contributing Writer

Feb. 18, Bo Burnham came to Furman University and surpassed everyone’s expectations. Burnham, only 24 years old, put on a backpack and became a student for a day at Furman, while preparing for his comedy show later that day.

Wearing a “FU” shirt, Bo walked from building to building interacting with all students that wanted to meet him. Students in the library saw Burnham come in, sit at a table full of students, and have full conversations, staying in character the entire time. Burnham, born in Boston, is a comedian and musician. His fame spawned from his plethora of hilarious YouTube videos generating millions of views.

Burnham decided to begin his media career at the age of 19 instead of going to college With a unique type of humor that mocks societal faults, using the guitar, piano, and poetry to capture the audience’s attention,Burnham accepted Comedy Central record deals for various songs in an album self-titled “Bo Burnham.” He then went on the start his own TV show on comedy central called “Zach Stone is Going to be Famous,” which was canceled after only one season. After that, Burnham released his first full album in accordance with his own Netflix special entitled “What.”

Fast-forward to Feb. 2015, Burnham began his tour, “Make Happy,” at Furman University. His jokes poked fun at the superficial flaws evident throughout Furman’s campus. From the faculty workers to our own mascot, the Paladin, not a single topic was off limits to the young comedian.

Putting his Furman jokes aside, Burnham introspectively analyzed society and his own well being through songs that put himself in the perspective of God and how he, as a person, finds happiness while putting the crowds in tears from laughing along the way.

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