LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Diplomacy in Iran En Route to Zero

By: Elisa Edmondson, CLASS OF 2015

Dear Editor,

The 16,000 nuclear weapons that currently exist globally threaten the future of the planet as well as our human dignity. Yet some policymakers are actively working to undermine diplomacy with Iran, which could ultimately lead to an increase in the global nuclear stockpile.  I care deeply about impacting children positively, and I am concerned that current irresponsibility with regards to the issue of nuclear weapons will create a dark future for the next generation.

The Corker-Graham Bill and the Menendez-Kirk bill are two efforts within Congress that are being discussed regarding the deal with Iran.  As a Global Zero Action Corps leaders, I believe supporting these negotiations and not giving into these Congressional political games is in our national and international security interests. A failure to reach a diplomatic agreement on Iran’s nuclear program will lead to a domino effect, spurring Iran’s neighbors in the region to acquire the bomb. Members of Congress, with their threats of sabotaging these on-going negotiations, are contributing to a possible nuclear war.

We must hold these members of Congress accountable to ensure that diplomacy perseveres. Going backwards on this deal in Iran will significantly reverse hope for a peaceful world, creating repercussions for future generations that will be impossible to reverse.


Elisa Edmondson

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