The Ogre Side of Fiona Shines in Pauper’s Shrek

By Abby Fricke, Staff Writer

Furman Pauper Players premiered their spring show, Shrek. The pauper players hosted auditions in November and began rehearsals the first week of spring semester. Less than two months later, they have displayed what will undoubtedly be their most impressive performance.

Senior Pauper Players star Cara Langston took on the role of Fiona. Having to overcome the limited rehearsal time, Langston was able to get into character effectively. She admits to having more in common with the ogre side of Fiona.

“I try to be nice and princess, but it’s so much easier to be Fiona when she’s being herself. Getting into character was interesting because she had been isolated for so long and was stuck in her ideas of what her life is supposed to be,” Langston said.

Langston, like Fiona, has dreams of her own, which include going to work at Disney as a face character or in entertainment post-graduation.

Langston’s costume and makeup included the standard Fiona Dress complete with a long red braid. Moreover, when it came time for nightfall and Fiona turned into an ogre, Langston sported two green ogre ears and bright green skin.

Langston’s performance was nothing less than spectacular. She effectively captured the essence of Fiona. Through her strong vocal performance and convincing portrayal of Fiona’s inner turmoil, Langston made the night an event to remember.

Shrek, played by Alex Mason, Donkey, played by Bradwin Amos, and Lord Farquaad, played by Drew Whitlow, accompanied Langston. Shrek was covered head to toe in green paint and suited the notable plaid pants and brown vest. Donkey was in a full-on Donkey costume and Lord Farquaad made up for his “shortcomings” by performing on his knees.

The cast was complete with 42 performers. Scenes included elaborate dance sequences, such a Duloc’s welcome song and Fiona’s tap dance with the Pied Piper’s mice. Some noteworthy characters included Pinocchio, Mr. Gingerbread Man, and the Wicked Witch.

“Everyone is perfect for the role they are playing and worked so hard to bring it to life.” Langston said.

The props captured the rustic scenery of Shrek’s swamp as well as Lord Farquaad’s castle and Fiona’s tower, complete with a One Direction poster. The lighting crew created a scenic ambiance that captured each emotion portrayed by the cast. The entire show was a success.

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