Boardwalk (and Park Place) Bring Gaming to Greenville

By Sidney Dills, Diversions Editor

I am a regular visitor to Boardwalk, no not the spot on the Monopoly board, but the Greenville store that sells various board and tabletop games. Boardwalk’s merchandise consists of collectible card packs, puzzles, role-playing games, and board games in an age when family game night seems to be dying out while videogames take the forefront.

Boardwalk is family owned and has grown quickly over the past few years, having moved locations at least two times in the last four years to make room for a growing number of customers and merchandise.

I first went to Boardwalk around five years ago when it was in a tiny space in Haywood Mall. I was going there in search of D&D die, but mostly remember seeing the large sets of collectible chess boards and chess pieces made of carved wood or glass. Those stood out, although I ended up finding a variety of die.

Boardwalk can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar to board games. Sure, you can find regular playing cards there, Apples to Apples, and various sized puzzles, but there are also intense hour-long war and strategy games that are much more complicated than the average Risk. Have no fear, the owner of Boardwalk, John, is willing to show you how to play any game or test play in the store before you purchase. You will most likely be greeted by him while browsing the store and he will be sure to make some recommendations to you based on your experience level and other interest in games.

The store hosts social events too and is an ideal location for gaming with others, as they have a large back room devoted to table and chair sets. On Tuesdays, they host D&D role- playing game sessions, an ideal location considering the store sells dice, guidebooks, maps, and miniatures. On Fridays, there is “Friday night magic,” which is where people gather to play Magic the Gathering with each other in a tournament style play-through. Although these nights are dedicated to particular games, there are always people hanging out in the store playing.

You do not need to get annoyed with a game because you are suddenly missing the specific piece you need to play; Boardwalk sells individual game pieces there too. Now you have no excuse to buy the obscure game with a unicorn on the front at the thrift store.

If you are an avid trading and competitive card game player, the store has binders full of individual cards for purchase to complete your perfect tournament deck. You can also sell or trade back cards for store credit or other cards, for the fair market trading post price.

The merchandise for sale ranges anywhere from a $4 deck of cards or die, to a $200 hand-painted collectors dragon, the perfect centerpiece for an epic role-playing adventure. Be prepared to spend around $15-$35 for your average board game.

Visit Boardwalk, pick up a new board game, and try it out with a group of people in your apartment. There is nothing better than a quick game of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Call of Cthulu” themed Munchkin card game and a few beers to waste time on an otherwise boring and unsocial typical weekend night at Furman.

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