Undergraduate Evening Studies Students Showcase Photography in Far Peripheral

By: Madeline Bauer, Contributing Writer

Far Peripheral showcases the digital photography works of students in Bryan Hiott’s Undergraduate Evening Studies (UES) photography classes. Hiott earned his Masters in Fine Arts at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. He now teaches Digital Photography to UES students at Furman, most of whom are working adults returning to school. In addition to instructing this class, Hiott acted as the show’s curator.

The exhibit houses fourteen digital photographs by both current UES students and graduates. These photographs range from close-ups to landscapes, with one portrait by Pam Brissey, a student who graduated this past year. The works that were chosen all exhibit a good eye for detail.

Alongside the photographs, Brian Hiott displayed one of his abstract works. This piece is part of a larger study of the “wet plate chemical process,” and it was created by making a digital print of a scanned tintype. Though it is markedly different from the rest of the photographs in the collection due to its abstract nature, it is still a cohesive part of the whole exhibit because of its photographic origins.

This exhibit will be on display at the Herring Center until Dec. 1.

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