Tutus are Treasure to One Student

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Photo Courtesy of ChristaRene Photography. Tutu Treasure, created and owned by student Nomin Erdene, sells handmade tutus, perfect for dressing up on Halloween.

By: Sidney Dills, Diversions Editor

Plenty of students around campus love crafting: Sorority sisters craft for their Littles each year when big-little week comes around; crafting offers a cheaper, and more personal way to give a gift to roommates or friend on their birthdays; handmade goods and art bring in business revenue in and around Greenville.

Junior Nomin Erdene, has turned her interest in crafting into a small and personal business, Tutu Treasure. Erdene got the idea to sell tutus in the summer of 2013 when she visited a farmer’s market and saw tutus for sale there. She ended up buying the tutus for her newborn cousins, but then had the idea that it would be easier to make her own tutus for family members.

Erdene went back home to Mongolia for the summer to try and make a tutu for the first time, but ran into the obstacle that it was difficult to find the materials she needed, particularly tulle. This past summer, Erdene remained at Furman and was able to find the materials she needed for her tutus and was able to start making tutus at full speed.

Erdene says that she was new to arts and crafts, but she most likely gained some influence from her mother who was a craft teacher who occasionally designed dresses.

Erdene sold a few dresses and tutus, but found that she does not have the time to really turn her business, Tutu Treasure, into more than a hobby. She plans, however, to make a few tutus over fall break in preparation for sales that could be made before Halloween.

So far, the only advertising that Tutu Treasure has is  its Facebook page, but maybe there is a large enough demand for tutus that simply by searching ‘tutu greenville, sc” you will be led straight to Erdene’s business page. According to Erdene, children are not the only ones wearing tutus; some people are expanding to buy tutus for their pets.

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