Student Run Pet Portrait Business

By: Sidney Dills, Diversions Editor

Featured imageIt seems that pet related items are on the rise and pictures of pets are no exception. One student has turned this trend, her love of animals, and her artistic talents into a moneymaking hobby.SophomoreErinHaseley runs her own pet portrait business, Furry Faces.

Haseley drew a self-portrait for an art project in the eighth grade. After that, her teacher encouraged her to pursue art, especially portraiture. Haseley then drew portraits of her friends and even entered some of her pieces into an art competition her senior year of high school. In the North Carolina Scholastic Art Competition, Haseley won the Gold Key Portfolio award.

Soon Haseley expanded her artistic talents to drawing pets and got the idea that she could sell these portraits for a bit of extra cash. Her sister encouraged her by making her a website and business cards for her very own pet portrait business called Furry Faces.

Haseley mainly draws pictures of dogs and cats, which clients often request after the death of a beloved family pet. However, she has also drawn horses. Once, she even drew a llama named Eugene. In only around a year and a half, Haseley has sold nearly 45 pieces.

Haseley says that art and coloring are therapeutic and that it does not take long to create a standard sized picture, only around30minutesadayforfour to five days. She charges $89 for an 8×10 inch picture of a pet and 10% of all her profits go to the Charlotte Humane Society.

Along with human and animal portraits, Haseley has recently started to draw houses.

If you are interested in seeing Haseley’s work or requesting a picture, check out her website, http://www.ehcustompetportraits. wordpress.com.

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