University Welcomes Six New Trustee Members

Image courtesy of the Furman University Board of Trustees website.
Image courtesy of the Furman University Board of Trustees website.

By Amanda Richey

The Furman Board of Trustees just gained six new members: John Donald Anderson of Charlotte, N.C., Christopher R. Borch of Saratoga, Calif., Sean P. Hartness of Greenville, S.C., Susan T. Shi of Greenville, William R. Timmons, III of Greenville, and Baxter M. Wynn of Greenville.

According to Robert Hill, the current chairman of the Board of Trustees, this new addition to the Board demonstrates the Board’s desire to be as diverse as possible.

Of the six new trustees, two reside in states other than South Carolina. Three of the new trustees have never served on the Board before. The new trustees also represent a variety of work backgrounds.

Don Anderson, a 1966 graduate, has over 40 years of work experience.

“I’m particularly excited about Dr. Davis’ presidency because of her business background.” Anderson said. “I look forward to addressing some of the challenges of higher education and making the right decisions for Furman’s future.”

Rick Timmons, a Greenville native, is the Senior Vice President of Investments at the Canal Insurance Company. Although Timmons did not attend Furman, his family connections to the university have insured that he remains involved in campus affairs. This is his second term as a trustee.

“Everyone–students, faculty, staff–is excited about being there. That excitement is contagious,” Timmons said.

Timmons looks forward to supporting the mission of the university and making Furman a meaningful place for students.

“Yes, Furman is important to you while you’re in school there, but it will also be important to you for the rest of your life,” Timmons said.

Christopher Borch is a 1978 graduate with over 30 years of engineering and business management experience with his company Micro-Mechanics. Borch also ran cross-country and track during his undergraduate experience.

Sean P. Hartness is a returning trustee as well. Vice President of Hartness International, an innovative packaging company, Hartness is also involved in real estate development in Greenville.

Susan Shi, a 1971 graduate, brings 12 years of experience as a teacher and administrator to the table. Shi has chaired the board of Greenville’s Public Education Partners. Shi also served as Furman’s first lady for 16 years with her husband President David Shi.

Baxter M. Wynn is a returning trustee and a minister at First Baptist Church in Greenville. He has been involved in the United Way of Greenville County and has received awards for his humanitarian efforts.

Every trustee on the board was chosen based on their commitment to Furman, their understanding of higher education, and their ability to reach prospective students.

“We are a remarkably committed group of people on the board who have a love and passion for Furman.” Hill said.

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