Restaurant Review: The Lazy Goat

By: Abby Fricke, Staff Writer

No town is complete without a noteworthy Restaurant. Downtown Greenville’s The Lazy Goat is just that. Located on River Place, The Lazy Goat offers a two story dining area complete with a patio that overlooks the Reedy River. Guests are welcomed with a maître de and warmly greeted before they take their seats. Upon being seated, dinner attendees are given a menu and immediately poured a refreshing glass of water.  Guests will be in awe of their surroundings. The interior of the restaurant offers a timeless yet eclectic look. Walls were covered with clocks of various eras as well as candle chandeliers. The scenery celebrated the season, but also maintained an elegance that could endure through all seasons. There is, however, definitely a level of sophistication when dining here so appropriate dress is encouraged.

The menu itself offers an array of cuisines. Appetizers are in the $10-$15 range while dinners are up towards the $20s. I ordered the Taglialette pasta and was not let down by the expectation of taste that comes with the price. This pasta contains smoked bacon, tomato, arugula, and mascarpone. The dish comes in a modern arrangement. The multitude of colors in the meal adds a level of excitement. The other members of my dinner party ordered various pizzas and flank steak. As a total, we were all very pleased with our meals. Although, it was on the pricier side, we left feeling full and having eaten a delicious and healthy meal.

The experience could not have made complete without the wonderful waiting staff. Evening with an immensely crowded restaurant our servers were timely and prompt with delivering our orders as well as checking to make sure we were satisfied.

Overall, The Lazy Goat offers a fabulous dining experience for any resident of Greenville. Customers will leave having enjoyed their night and feeling cultured. Reservations are encouraged due to the high intake of customers.

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