Orchestra Concert Review

By: Abby Fricke, Staff Writer

The Furman Symphony Orchestra opened their fall semester concert series this past Friday. The show included Violin Concerto in F minor Op. 8 No. 4 “Winter” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks, Haydn’s Symphony No.99 in E-flat major, and Gounod’s Ballet Music from “Faust.”

Strings professor, Thomas Joiner, was the feature soloist for the Vivaldi piece. The audience was immediately captivated with the opener. The orchestra drew the audience in with the gradual build of strings. Joiner showed off his talent as he led the small orchestra, which set the audience up for the phenomenon to come.

The full orchestra joined in for Handel’s Music for Royal Fireworks. The trumpets blasted their way through the piece, proving their ability and prowess. The auditorium echoed with their brilliance. The timpani and trumpet then combined to create a reverberating effect

The orchestra moved from the baroque to classical era as they delved into Haydn’s Symphony No. 99 in E- flat major. The transition of musical styles added to the program’s progression. The piece opened with a mysterious texture that led into more playful and boisterous movements.

The final piece was the cherry on top of a jaw-dropping concert. After a program of challenging passages and insanely high notes, the orchestra proved their stamina with the final piece from “Faust.” Short movements from the “Faust” ballet decorated the final piece. This romantic composition closed the concert with a bang. The final movement ended in a grand finale of excitement.

Yet again, Furman Music left its audience and fans awe-struck with the talent and capabilities of Furman’s musicians and professors. The orchestra put on an amazing concert that resulted in a standing ovation. The crowd cheered and whooped for the incredibly gifted group.

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