Tandem Creperie: A Taste of France Brought to Traveler’s Rest

Featured image

Photo Courtesy of Sidney Dills. Tandem has a wide variety of crepes on their menu. Some of the savory flavors include fiesta, mediterranean, club and vegetarian. Customers can watch their crepes being prepared as they wait for their own taste of France.

By: Abby Fricke, Staff Writer

Why go to France when you can bring France to Furman? Traveler’s Rest recently opened a new and stylish creperie and coffee bar. Tandem, located on 2 South Main Street near Sunrift Adventures, serves a wide range of crepes, coffee, and tea.

The restaurant itself has a modern country look to it. Industrial hanging light bulbs, white and wooden tables, fresh tabletop flowers, and a bike in the corner decorate the entirety of the seating area. The room is well lit and has a feeling similar to that of local coffeehouses.

The chalkboard menu consists of both savory meal and sweet dessert crepes. You can watch your crepes being made if you look just past the cashier. You can complement your tasty meal with a refreshing tea or coffee. Even in the heat of the summer, hot teas can be made into cold ones, which you can get sweetened or unsweetened.

When ordering a crepe, you recieve plate with two stacked, rather large sized crepes, one stacked on top the other. The crepes that my dinner party tried included the fiesta, mediterranean, club, and vegetarian. The crepes were soft and made of a thin pancake consistency. They were fresh and filled with even fresher ingredients. The menu also included a special crepe of the day.

The crepes are filling, so much so that it is impossible to follow it up with a dessert crepe if you are by yourself. If coming here alone, choose either savory or sweet and stick with it. If you are coming with someone else then definitely split a meal crepe and dessert crepe or split a single crepe for a smaller meal or snack. Tandem also offers gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Looking for a nice quaint place off campus where you can study for a bit, enjoy a meal any time of day, and hang out with some friends? Tandem is the place to go! You can expect to leave with your belly full and your lip whistled for as little as $10!

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