Recipe: Summer Salad

By: Graham Browning, ColumFeatured imagenist

Try to spice up your typical salad of spinach and tomatoes by making a summer fruit sal- ad. This fruit salad is refreshing and can bring a powerful punch of flavor to any meal, combining the juices of peaches, watermel- ons, and lemons into one tasty concoction. You can stop there and have a bowl of fabulous fruit topped with mint or you can add nuts and greens into the mix to make a meal out of it.

* I don’t typically give mea- surements with ingredients. Taste is relative and completely individual. Add a little bit at a

time and see what you like. – pre-cut or fresh peaches and watermelon – lemon juice – fresh mint leaves – nut of choice (walnuts work re- ally well) – greens of choice (arugula gives a nice bite, but spinach is also great)

1. Cut peaches and watermelon into desired size 2. Toss peaches with about half a lemon’s worth of juice

3. Chop the mint leaves finely and toss with the fruit (You can either let this sit in the fridge to marinate or serve imme- diately. The mixture should keep pretty well because the lemon juice slows the ripening process of the fruit.)

4. Put green of choice in a bowl and top with fruit mixture. Add nuts if you’d like for a good crunch

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