18 Pieces of Advice to the Class of ’18

By: Sidney Dills, Diversions Editor

1. Your “O-mance” won’t last, end it now.

2. Don’t stand in the middle of the DH.

3. Always go to Moe’s Monday.

4. Don’t miss the dining hall’s Chicken Finger Tuesday and Quesadilla Thursday.

5. Always complain about dining services and housing. It’s the best conversation starter.

6. Warning: The swans, ducks, and geese all bite.

7. The front of the library is a social place; if you want quiet stick to classrooms or study rooms.

8. Yes, people live in the cabins across the lake and yes, they do shower!

9. Dress nicely, or dress in gym clothes: There is no in between.

10. Do not sign up for more than 3 clubs (FUSAB counts as 3).

11. Make sure you complain about how much work you have, it is a competition.

12. Leave after the first half of the football game.

13. Forget your Furman gear, wear Lily to every tailgate.

14. Don’t makeout in public, it might end up on social media.

15. You should support athletics, but you probably won’t.

16. Look forward to rainy days so you can wear Hunter rainboots and your monogrammed raincoat.

17. Everyone uses Orgsync about as much as they use MySpace.

18.Learn these shortcuts: DH= Dining Hall, PDen= Paladen, SOHO= South Housing, YOMO= Yogurt Mountain, “The Barn”= The Pump House, GER= General Education Requirement, CLP= Cultural Life Program and G-Vegas=Greenville.

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