Twins at Furman: Family is Forever By One’s Side

By Lasley Cash

Going off to college is a significant event in an individual’s life, and many students across Furman’s campus have found the adjustment to college life to be eased when they have a close family member nearby.

In Furman University’s Class of 2016, there are seven sets of twins. While many twins want to be seen as individuals and to engage in different activities in their college years, there is often an underlying sense of comfort to know that the other is close by. At the end of the day, many twins feel as if they are able to “come back home” to a comfort zone with the other.

One set of identical twins on Furman’s campus, sophomores Morgan and Elizabeth Fox, view their time in college with one another as an effort to bridge the gap from being stereotypical twins. Before they came to Furman, they were involved in many of the same activities; but now at college, “we are able to be unique, our own person, and experience more diversity in our life.”

“I feel like I have a sister here who is just one of my best friends. We’re really not even twins at all,” Morgan said. “Many people just don’t understand the twin dynamic, we’re not a clone.”

While they can often be seen as a pair, they feel as if they are individuals who are currently on differing paths.

“We are just like everybody else trying to fit in at college and trying to figure out who we are as an individual,” Morgan said.

Many twins, particularly those who are identical, have many of the same interests. Morgan and Elizabeth can be found in several of the same classes and have even participated in a study abroad program together. While college has been a time for them to branch out, involve themselves in different organizations and shatter the twin stereotype of always being together, they do gravitate toward the other.

“The fact that we were together before we were born is a very powerful thing that no one else without a twin will truly be able to understand,” Morgan said.

Morgan and Elizabeth, however, said they felt as if they are able to easily relate to other sets of twins on campus because they have a common understanding of what they are going through. While fraternal twins have a bit of a different relationship, the bond that a set of twins will share is one that an outsider is unlikely to step between.

Many twins do make an effort to separate from one another while embarking on their journey to college, but some twins cannot stand the idea of going to different schools.

“Ever since we were five years old, Furman University was [the] number one dream school for both me and my sister,” Morgan said.

Having parents who are legacies at the university and an older cousin who is currently a senior on campus, the twins considered Furman their home from the very beginning.

Students with a twin or even an older sibling are able to mutually benefit from having a family member on campus with them. Even in the first and second year at school, many feel inexperienced and like the idea of having a built-in role model and advocate for support.

Whether from a twin or older sibling, having someone to turn to for advice in both good times and bad is often a beneficial factor for easing a student’s transition from life at home to college.

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