Earth Week Bicycle Parade Planned to Promote Sustainable Transportation


By Lasley Cash

On March 25, as part of Furman’s Earth Week Celebration, the Environmental Action Group is hosting a Bicycle Parade for all students and members of the Greenville community. The event, which is being led by sophomore Julia Roberts, welcomes all ages and levels of experience. All participants for the event will be meeting in front of Timmons Arena at 3:45 p.m., and the bicycle ride will run from 4 to 5 p.m.

Earth Week celebrations will run from March 24-28, and each day of the week will center around one sustainability effort.

“I am particularly looking for Furman students to grab hold of the sustainability identity,” Roberts said.


Lieutenant David Enter of the Furman University Police, an avid cyclist himself, carefully mapped out the route for the event. Enter has ensured that several Furman officers will be stationed at all intersections of the route and that the bicyclists will be visible throughout the entire ride.

The route will show some of the most beautiful parts of Furman’s campus and the parade of bicyclists will be sure to catch student attention. Starting off at the Timmons parking lot, bicyclists will go down the Furman Mall to the PAC, then turn back to loop McAlister Circle. Next, riders will pass the eco cottages and Furman Bell Tower, where they will then circle the lake for the last lap of the route.

The event has been dubbed the “Tour de Furman,” and the route around the library even includes runs over cobblestone like the “Tour de France.”

Depending on participant pace, the projected route will take between 15 to 30 minutes to cycle. The event will conclude at The Paddock, which will give a 10 percent discount to all participants. Bicyclists will also be able to cool down after the ride with live music, bookstore discounts, and community-building conversation.

Since Greenville is known for having such a vibrant cycling community, the event has really aimed to integrate Furman with the residents of the school’s community.

“Cycling is just a good way to get to know folks,” Roberts said.

Participants do not need to sign up for the event in advance, and several organizations and groups will be participating in the parade: OLLI, the Woodlands, the YMCA, the Greenville Spinners, and Furman professors and students are all expected to contribute cyclists.

“We hope to see cyclists of all ages and levels of experience coming together around the joy of riding a bike!” Robert said.

Along with the Environmental Action Group, PHOKUS has also helped plan the parade and will be volunteering at the event.



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