Keeping Health Easy, Local, and Interesting

Gravitopia is a new trampoline park that provides an exciting way to exercise and get fit. Photo courtesy of Damon Hill

Gravitopia is a new trampoline park that provides an exciting way to exercise and get fit.
Photo courtesy of Damon Hill

By Haley Cunningham

Are you stuck in a health rut — eating steamed veggies in the DH, running on the treadmill a few times a week, and going to The Forest Coffeehouse to “relax” (i.e. do work somewhere other than the library or your room)? You can do better than that! Just off campus lies a wonderland of fun, healthy resources that are yours for the taking.

Okay, it’s not exactly a wonderland, and many of the healthy opportunities require you to fork over some cash. But it’s still worth your time to read on for a sampling of what healthful things our area has to offer.

Exciting Exercise

  • Studio Si — Located on the left-hand side of the Publix shopping center, Studio Si offers a variety of dance-inspired classes that will have you doing Zumba, hip-hop dancing, boot-camp style exercises, or sports-inspired aerobics. Plus, Furman students get 20 percent off!

  • Furman University Outdoors Club — Ever wanted to go camping, kayaking, backpacking, or rock climbing but haven’t had the right gear? Just fill out a form and pay $10, and you’ll get access to all of FUOC’s equipment so you take advantage of God’s Gym (a.k.a. nature). Request to join FUOC on OrgSync to find out more.

  • Gravitopia — How do 12,000 square feet of trampolines, dodgeballs, foam pits, a flying trapeze, and a ninja course sound? You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re getting a workout! And if you want to be intentional about it, they even have a trampoline workout class!

Fun Runs

  • Colors4Hope — This four mile run/walk on March 15 will benefit Mental Health America of Greenville. And who doesn’t want to be pelted with colored chalk?

  • Goodwill Mud Run — Form a two- or four-person team with your friends and compete in a 3.5 mile, mud-filled obstacle course on April 12 or 13!

Guiltless Pleasures

  • Nutri ZONE — Don’t you hate how protein bars and shakes claim to taste like something delicious and then, well, don’t? On top of that, many protein products aren’t even healthy (they’re often loaded with sugar and calories). But at Nutri ZONE, you can get low-calorie, nutrient-packed protein shakes in over 30 tasty flavors. It’s located right by Thaicoon, and your first shake is free! (If you go, tell them Hayley Cunningham sent you — for every three people you refer, you get a free shake!)

  • Greenville Tech Massage Therapy — When things get stressful, sometimes you need more than a good workout or a delicious shake to help you relax. Why not get a massage? You deserve it! And at Greenville Tech’s Massage Therapy Department Public Clinic, you can get an hour-long massage for only $20!

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