Furman Reality Show to Begin Filming in March

By Rachel McAlister

A fuzzy line lies between reality and fiction. Furman’s new Film Club is set to begin filming a new reality show, and though the production will not follow the genre format typical of reality shows, the content, which originated from stories gathered from Furman students last semester, will illuminate student’s lives — with some creative license — going beyond the student face presented at chapter meetings, classes, organization meetings, sports, and other extracurriculars.

Students who made the cut at the auditions that were held early February will be coordinating all aspects of the show from production and acting to editing. So far, six of the seven roles have been filled; the role of an obnoxious macho boyfriend, however, has proven difficult to cast.

Given the significant number of interested students, Hope Ogunsile, founder of the Film Club and the student spearheading the reality show project, is optimistic that the attention they’re receiving and recent involvement will propel the club forward.

For freshman Matt Turner, this is one of the first films he’s been involved with other than a few he’s made with friends. He said he sees it as a great opportunity to gain experience in film while doing something he enjoys, namely acting. In addition to playing several roles, he will also be helping out with various aspects of the show’s production.

Filming with equipment loaned from FU2 will begin in March. At the moment, they still need to practice scenes and finish the storyboard, but the writing is complete. Beginning this week, they will embark on an advertising campaign to encourage more student involvement in the club.

In the next two weeks, they will begin accepting ideas and scripts for a short film project. So far they have two writers who will work with ideas and scripts submitted by students. They will be running a contest with $30, $20, and $10 gift-card prizes for the top three submissions.

The club hopes to get a website up and running and host more film-related events such as movie nights in the future. Once the shorts are filmed, they plan on screening them at a CLP event. In the mean time, they are looking for students who are serious about film. It is an endeavor in which, as Ogunsile said, students will need to rely on each other, something difficult for students with classes, meetings, and functions, to keep up with.

Students interested in being a part of the Film Club can contact Hope Ogunsile at for specific meeting times.

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