Voices at Furman: What Will Be the Big Issues on Campus this Year?

Keda Dubard, Class of 2014 Brian Boda, SGA President Jenna Barnett, Class of 2014 Julia Roberts, Class of 2016

Keda Dubard, Class of 2014

Regardless of the situations in which students find themselves, they should always be aware that Furman has their best interests at heart. Institutional adjustments, staff changes, renovations, and other changes are all part of the school’s dedication to providing the best for its students. Students must remain open-minded as we enter this time of transition. Minor inconveniences give way to major improvements. Don’t let school politics distract you from what you are here to do — get a well-rounded education and graduate with a degree. Have faith in your institution and it will prepare you for anything.

Secondly, a shameless plug — the Trone Student Center is a one-stop shop for improving your Furman experience. If you’re looking to enhance your education, visit the Office for Internships and Study Abroad. If you’re looking for extracurricular activities, join one of many campus organizations that meet in the building. Otherwise, just come out to any number of social events put on by Student Life and Student Activities. New students should definitely take advantage of this facility. The “Trone Zone” is my home away from dorm and I’m always excited to see what’s happening in the building.

Brian Boda, SGA President

I expect there to be a good amount of excitement and interest in the presidential search process. In the interim, Dr. Kohrt will do an excellent job carrying us through this time of transition. I am excited to see him in action. I also expect continued conversation about the progression of the football stadium, the Trone Center, and the introduction of the lacrosse team. The students will be looking forward to good deliveries from all three that are reflective of the university’s investments. Finally, we have the usual suspects that will be of hot conversation: the cost of tuition, general housing issues, and the university’s admission acceptance numbers. SGA will be following all of these things closely. Overall, though, we should be looking forward to a great year!

Jenna Barnett, Class of 2014

Furman’s “Vision 2020,” admissions policy changes, and recruitment of international students all point toward a desire for diversity. While we eagerly experience diversity abroad and during CLPs, what about when there’s no CLP credit and we’re not on foreign soil? I hope students this year will engage one another more across religious and ethnic lines, and that Furman intentionally considers candidates for our university president who would alter Furman’s history of white, male leadership.

Julia Roberts, Class of 2016

In the 2013-14 term, the search for the next president of the university will be the most important issue on campus. As selection committee members seek out an individual who will embrace the visions of students and faculty, remain accessible, and commit to a bright vision for Furman’s future, the campus community should be paying close attention. Students and faculty will hopefully be participating in panel discussions as well as casual “coffee shop”/“dorm room” debates about the topic. To determine the path Furman takes in the future, the whole community will and must commit to the presidential selection process.

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