The Hollywood Oscars


By Jeff Levene

It’s Oscars season and I am a huge fan of film. Well, at least I’m a huge fan of pretending like I know about film. God’s honest truth is I spend my time watching every nominated flick and donate a good chunk of cash towards movie theater popcorn for about a solid month. After the rush, I tire myself out, rage-quit any attempts to even look up what’s playing at the fine arts theater and maybe watch a super hero movie or two between March and November. By November the cycle can start all over again. Now some may call my devotion to the Oscars more of a desire to be that hip young moviegoer who can complain about who wins what. These accusers wouldn’t be totally wrong.

And with my obvious blemishes and biases in the film realm out of the way, I would now like to offer to be your guide through the Oscars season. Over the next few weeks I’ll be viewing and reviewing the Best Picture winners, complaining about films that missed the cut and generally overstepping my boundaries as a movie fan into movie expert (or aggressive movie scrutinizer if you will). This will culminate with a Oscar roundtable with some special guests.

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