Marching Band Extravaganza

By Sarah Harrod, Copy Editor

Everyone knows that Furman’s band is fantastic. So it makes sense that we show them off every year on parent’s weekend with the Band Extravaganza.

The event began with a word from Coach Fowler and three of our players, getting us excited for the football game the next day against Western Carolina. And of course, there was a quick free t-shirt toss.

Then the lights were dimmed and the audience got ready for the main event, although slightly distracted by the mesmerizing disco ball. As the disco ball spun, the band marched in and the heart of the event began.

picture by Emily Zinger

They started with some football classics, namely the Furman fight song. There was a classy tune, “Carolina in the Morning,” thrown in there as well. After the Alma Mater and the Furman Victory Song, the voice from on high called us to attention and the halftime show,
called “Paint it Black,” began.

As “Smooth Criminal” really got swinging, the percussion section started channeling Michael Jackson and the audience’s ears were assaulted in the very best way.

“Live and Let Die” and “Secret Agent Man” also happily blew our ears out. The percussion section struck many an impressive pose alongside the Furman Dance Company.

After the main show, the band played some of their repertoire of pep songs, more football classics. And my favorite dancers quickly became the percussion section (apologies to the Dance Company). They really get creative during the pep songs and the audience loved them.

Then the band proceeded to improve greatly upon Green Day and Lady Gaga, turning pop into smashing. And they definitely dance better than Lady Gaga.

After “Jungle Boogie”,  the voice from on high told us that we could purchase a pillow that is made out of an old band uniform. Some of the audience laughed nervously like they thought it made not be a real thing. But after the show at the merchandise table, the pillows clearly were real things and quite a statement piece.

The band headed towards the end with some patriotism. During “America the Beautiful,” the American flag descended from the heavens, or maybe just the ceiling. After the National Anthem, the voice from on high was finally identified as Dr. Les Hicken.

The band then broke our hearts with the song they play for graduating seniors, “Cadillac of the Skies”, but perked everyone up again with a reprise of “Smooth Criminal” and a repeat of the Furman fight song as they emphatically marched out of the auditorium.

Extravaganza over, enthusiastic applause slowly faded and students and their parents filed out to consider the aforementioned pillows and get themselves excited for seeing the band again the next day at the football game.

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