A Night at Falls Park

By Kelsey Lansberry

FUSAB’s “A Night at Falls Park”, which occurred on Friday, Sept. 14, was an event planned almost a year in advance.

According to Brittany Fulton, a FUSABer in her junior year, the organization tried to hold the gathering last year but was unable to because of Greenville’s codes and ordinances. By the time everything was in order and the event was finally able to occur, Zack Burnett, who chaired it the committee that planned it, was in France and thus unable to see the fruits of his labor.

However, the extra planning time definitely paid off. Furman students were able to enjoy a beautiful night in downtown Greenville at an outdoor venue overlooking the Reedy River. The Wychee pavilion was decorated with lights and Furman purple and white, creating a sophisticated atmosphere in the outdoor location that’s often used for wedding receptions.

Catered by Larkin’s, an upscale restaurant downtown, the evening’s fare included chicken fingers and delicious honey mustard dip, mini chicken and cheese quesadillas with guacamole, as well as a large spread of fruit, cheeses and crackers. In addition to the fantastic (and free) catered food and the beautiful venue, there was a live band playing a mix of classic rock, country, and current hits. Students were encouraged to swing dance the night away.

A Night at Falls Park was definitely a success and had a large number of attendees.  Freshman enjoyed the opportunity to explore Greenville’s downtown area and socialize with upperclassmen and everyone enjoyed a night of eating food that didn’t come from the Dining Hall. Once again, FUSAB put on a fantastic event that attracted a large number of students.

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