Asst. Director for Student Organization and Greek Life Pushes OrgSync

Furman's technological changes come to student life in the form of a website called OrgSync.


By Addison Rothrock

Cameron Smith, Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Greek Life, joins the Furman community after having served at Clemson University as Interim Associate Director for Campus Life.

In her role here, Smith advises the various Panhellenic groups. Smith also counsels chapter presidents on building and maintaining our recognized fraternities and sororities.

“I also serve as a reference person for all student organizations, whether that is about OrgSync, training resources, communication with advisors, or truly anything [students] may need assistance with,” said Smith.

One of Smith’s priorities is to expand the use of OrgSync. There are several benefits to using OrgSync, said Smith.

OrgSync is Furman’s first opportunity to maintain a record of all resources, documents, and contact information related to student groups.

Also, OrgSync allows student organizations to archive groups when they become inactive, which preserves club information. So in the future, if students approach Smith about starting a club similar to a previous organization, they will not have to start from scratch.

Smith also said that OrgSync possesses various capabilities that we have not even begun to utilize. OrgSync can be used to take attendance using card swipers, to manage budgets, and to host external web sites from student groups.

However, currently, Smith and faculty are just trying to get the student community adjusted to the basic functions of the site.

Recently, Smith required student organizations and clubs to maintain an updated OrgSync account in order to participate in the Involvement Fai

This requirement is a first step toward a much larger plan for OrgSync.

“The plan is for most of what Furman has been doing on paper to eventually move to OrgSync. Sign-ups, petitions, Student Government Association elections, event registration, participation forms, and so forth will all eventually be funneled through the portal,” said Smith.

In the future, faculty is also hoping to add training for student organizations and advisors through OrgSync as well.

“We have a strong Greek community and passionate, involved students at Furman that make the organizations vibrant and a central piece of life on campus,” said Smith.

Smith is excited to work with leaders on campus to improve communication, create policies and procedures and provide more resources to groups.

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