DH Dishes Out Changes

By Stephanie Bauer

Since the spring semester began, Furman’s food service staff has been implementing changes to the dining hall. Some of these changes have been subtle, others conspicuous. Aramark Food Service Director Adam Summers said many were made in response to student feedback.

In addition to new plates and silverware, the salad bar has gone through a makeover with the addition of a variety of fresh fruit, upscale breads, and cheeses.

“Tasty Tuesday” is a new addition to the dining hall’s meal schedule. Every Tuesday, the dining hall will have an “upscale” dinner menu including steak, duck, prime ribs, and other pricier foods.

On Wednesday nights from 10 to 11 p.m., Belltower Catering will host “Hump Day” by offering students free cookies and milk in the University Center.

Aramark’s directors meet regularly with SGA. The staff uses comment cards and a student committee to collect feedback.

“We want students to feel a value in their meal plan,” Summers said. “Let us know what you are looking for and we will do what we can do to supply it.”

Freshman Dylan Spencer said he enjoyed the dining hall’s themed meals but wished that regular meals were better.

“I wish that instead of themed meals, every once in a while meals could be just as good as they are on Accepted Student Days,” he said.

Sophomore Daniel Smith criticized the dining hall for not consistently having enough variety.

“Sometimes it’s really great, but sometimes not so much,” Smith said. “Like today we had a bunch of good stuff, but other days the only edible things are pizza and burgers.”

Students who want to put in their two cents about Furman’s food services can set up a meeting with Adam Summers or talk to the staff in the dining hall.

“We feel like we live here 24/7,” said Summers. “Talk to anyone. Just grab us as we’re walking around. Our motto is ‘more awesomer.’ We want to make the dining hall a place you’re excited to come to.”

Changes are coming to the Paladen as well. One is a “grab and go cooler” containing things like pre-made sandwiches, salads, and fruit and veggie cups. This should be implemented sometime this spring.

Before the University Center is remodeled over the summer, minor changes will be made to the Paladen seating area. There are plans to update the seating and add flat screen televisions to make it a more welcoming hang out spot for students. Students should see these changes beginning in February or March.

Einstein Bros. Bagels will be moving to the library over the summer. There are no definite plans for the move as of yet.

The possibility of bringing additional restaurants to campus was brought up in University Center discussions. Research will determine if students are interested in new restaurants.

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