New Laws Distinguish Mopeds from Scooters

By Sarah Hamilton

As freshmen pour in and upperclassmen return, Furman’s paths will fill with people walking, running and riding bicycles to their daily responsibilities. Those on mopeds, however, will need to familiarize themselves with new laws before starting their engines.

“South Carolina has recently clarified what was previously a gray area in the distinction between mopeds and scooters, and we try to mirror their policies,” says Lieutenant David Enter of University Police. “Some students may not even be aware that they own a scooter rather than a moped, which is subject to different rules.”

Under the new rules, mopeds are classified as single speed bikes that cannot exceed 50 CC and 30 MPH. For a moped to be legal, it must have a moped license plate.  Drivers must have a license and wear a helmet on public roads if they are under 21.

Scooters, which can be single or multi-geared, are now classified in the same category as motorcycles. They are required to be state registered and insured and have a state issued vehicle license plate. A motorcycle license is required to drive a scooter.

As with mopeds, helmets are required for scooter operators if the operator is on public roads and under 21. Most importantly for Furman’s scooter owners, students will not be permitted to drive their scooters around campus between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

“We’re happy to help students with scooters who would like to find a moped,” says Bob Miller, Director of University Police. “We just want students to be aware.”

For more information on Furman’s existing policies regarding mopeds and scooters, students can consult the student handbook on the Student Life page of Furman’s website.

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